Que Bolá – Latino Lunchtime at the Portland Mercado

7238 SE Foster Rd, Portland, OR 97206

Down hidden off of Foster road in the southeast of Portland is a little Mecca of Mexican, Columbian, Cuban and basically any other Latin American style food one could think of. All huddled together under the colorful banner of the Portland Mercado.

Part food pod part community center and all delicious. They have choice from Oaxaca style tamales to piña colada style drinks served in fresh pineapples, and of course plenty of street tacos and burritos to please anyone.

With seating outdoors in the open air to a heated interior for the cold northwest days we get here it’s a perfect place to grab a bite, a quick drink or even get your face painted during one of their many events they host.

But for this taste test we are going to focus on one cart today (don’t worry we will come back to try them all eventually) Which is their Cuban Offering at Que Bolás located front and center in their lineup.

This Cart offers a large variety of choices for a wandering customer. With paella and tuna, fish sandwiches and shrimp. Oh and of course the Cubano sandwich they have a lot to offer with most dishes being around $8-12 which I appreciate as we are sometimes foodies without funds.

For Today though we sampled the Sándwich de Plátano. Which translated means plantain sandwich. This fish was quite surprisingly as delicious as it was a bit messy to eat.

What is surprising about this meal was there is no bread. Instead the plantains are shaped and grilled to create a style of flatbread wrapped around a tender slow cooked beef and cheese. Soo juicy and delicate that it almost falls apart which you eat it. Which is good because the fallen beef mixes nicely with a simple veggie slaw it comes served with.

Different from most any other sandwich We have ever tried it makes for a unique experience which everyone should try.

Simple but so very yummy.

We give it seven Cuban sandwiches out of ten.

🥪🥪🥪🥪 🥪🥪🥪


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