Let’s Roll – Sushi Burritos. The Best of Both Worlds.

5235 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97213

5 Burritos out of 5! 🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯

Sushi burritos quickly becoming a modern stable in the foodie community and we all hope they are here to stay.

If you’ve never had or heard of a sushi burrito before then you are in for a treat. Like the name implies it is similar to a sushi roll but made in the decadent size of our favorite Mexican handfood.

As you can see here today I sampled Let’s Roll’s Beyond Excited Burrito made with a salmon poke, with added ginger guacamole, shrimp tempura fried, a tasty Asian slaw, cucumber and a hint of spicy mayo. All of this of course wrapped in sushi rice and a seaweed “tortilla”.

Now not only was this burrito tasty but most importantly it tasted superbly fresh! It was huge and filling but with the light ingredients and perfect balance not only was I full with one burrito I didn’t even feel unhealthy eating it. Which as someone who loves Mexican food will tell you that is rarely true of anything burrito sized.

With a wonderful variety of ingredients all working together beautifully with tastes and texture, spicy and fresh, Asian and Mexican all wrapped up to go! I am excited to try the rest of their menu in the future.

But almost most impressively this item only cost $10!!

Like most burritos on their menu the prices are between $9-13 which as a foodie on a budget I can really respect

And if burritos are not your thing well then they will make any of your choices into a poke-bowl or salad instead. Or tempura fry the whole burrito if you are feeling crazy!

And even though I was quite full I couldn’t resist a spicy chicken Katy’s musubi. At only $3 it’s the perfect light bit if you want to sample what this cart is all about.

All in all I think everyone should visit this food park on Sandy blvd. Where this is just one of the interesting carts to come taste. Especially nice to sit in the shaded pavilion and grab a drink from their bar to go with it.

I give Let’s Roll five burritos out of five!



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