Burger Week! Crafted Chili chow down!


320 SW Harvey Milk St, Portland, OR 97204


We give the Wanderer Chili Burger Seven Burgers šŸ”šŸ”šŸ”šŸ”šŸ”šŸ”šŸ” out of Ten

Portland Burger week is coming near its finale now but we are still trying squeeze in the last few burgers before time runs out. With that said we are trying Craftpdx bar located at the Hi Lo Hotel in the heart of downtown Portland and their burger on offer is the Wanderer Chili Burger!

Now this seems to be one of the busier of the burger week locations, with their special offer constantly being produced in the kitchen and lines forming as quickly as the serving staff were able to sit them. That being said the staff were well prepared and were quick to help everyone and get the food out as quickly as possible.

As for the burger itself we were treated to a well loaded white cheddar cheese burger topped with a beer brisket chili with a nice and thick Walla Walla onion ring topping the whole affair. This is definitely one messy burger and without a doubt you will need a knife, fork and plenty of napkins.

That being said we must say that overall Chili was perfect for this burger it although the patty itself was nothing exceptional and the onion ring although made the picture perfect and fun, does make the burger hard to eat.

All in all though for the value this is a must. At $5 only for burger week and with the option to add on a drink such as a Kentucky Mule or Jim Beam with a PBR for only $4 extra. We still recommend trying it out if you are downtown tonight.


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