Italian Pasta Perfection

Mama Mia Trattoria

439 SW 2nd Ave, Portland, OR 97204

We give Mama Mia 8 bowls of cozy pasta out of 10

When it come to comfort food there are few things quite as satisfying as a warm enveloping bowl of pasta. And with that in mind we set out into Portland today to find a truly delightful dish.

Mama Mia Trattoria has been in Portland for a long time now with its bright sign welcoming you as one of the first restaurants you see as you drive into the heart of downtown.

With a very cold school American Italian look on the inside you feel very peaceful surrounded by pleasant chandeliers and a classic wood bar.

Now for the important part The Food. For our sampling today we tried first the Seafood Pasta an Italian staple of clams and mussels cooked in a white wine cream sauce. Tossed with fettuccine pasta and topped with scallops and shrimp. We were very pleased. All the seafood was cooked quite well and the sauce was just the right level of creaminess to compliment every bite.

But what really blew us away was the Pasta Bolognese. With a rich and creamy tomato base that clings perfectly to every strand of noodle. To the wonderfully cooked braised beef which held just long enough for your fork to touch it before falling apart. The only problem with this dish was that we couldn’t stop eating it even after we were full.

Now keeping in mind that we here are foodies on a budget with dinners at Mama Mia ranging from around $20-$30 it’s a little pricier than a casual bite, but if you want to give the Trattoria a go then you could try their lunch time menu which is more along the lines of $15-18 for their entrees. Which is quite reasonable for a plate of pasta this tasty.

Garlic bread is bit extra but if you’re like us you will need some to soak up the last bite of pasta sauce of your plate. Maybe your neighbor’s plate too.

We give Mama Mi Trattoria 🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝 out of Ten!


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