Breakfast Biscuit Bliss


1355 NW Everett St, Portland, OR 97209

We give Tilt 8 🍳 out of 10

We all love breakfast don’t we? It’s what helps us justify getting out of bed on a cold day when our blankets are just that cozy and warm.

But we get sooooo hungry.

So we de ides to try a different sort of breakfast location for today and here is Tilt a combination burger, pie and breakfast spot. Located just a bit off in downtown Portland this little jewel is the best place to swing by while avoiding the heaviest traffic and hard to find parking deeper in the city.

With a very unique interior Tilt has created a casual east going eatery with an oddly mechanical steamworker vine that somehow all works together. From the matte black iron machines scattered throughout to the mechanic shop towels at the napkin station. You will feel like you’ve just put in a blue collar hard days works and that you deserve a hearty meal to reward yourself.

But now for the really important part. The food!

For today we asked the good people of Tilt what they would recommend for breakfast they said the best way to was with their fried chicken and who are we to argue with that. So we bought the Signature Biscuit Sandwich coming with Fried chicken, egg, cheese and bacon and it did not disappoint

Now while it may seem simple from a first glance and it is, but every part of this sandwich is made just perfectly. From the freshly baked buttery and flaky biscuit, to the perfectly cooked egg as you like it, subtle amount of bacon just enough to add flavor but not overpower, to the perfectly cooked fried chicken so tender and juicy you barely have to chew it but still with nicely crispy breading with gives this sandwich a great combinations of textures.

This sandwich is delicious but we will admit not a cheap eat. At $12 a go you get this biscuity perfection but not anything else. So if you want to try the Homemade Tater Tots or a Tilt Pie Shake with this breakfast you can spend over $20 easy on a single meal.

But somedays you have to treat yo self. And frankly this meal is worth it.

We give Tilt eight 🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳 out of ten!


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