Random Meaty Taco Perfection.

We give Los Dos Compadres 10 delicious street tacos out of 10!!!

Los 2 Compadres
(503) 480-4378

This last weekend we found ourselves at Portland’s fun and whimsical Night Market a fun and engaging get together of artisans and crafters in the Portland area where you could buy anything from purses made from recycled books to macaroons shaped like panda bears. Not to mention a large variety of drinks both alcoholic and not. But most importantly for this post is what we found at the entrance of the market festivities. All the food carts and especially one Mecca of grilled meats that took our breath away.

Now we are familiar with street tacos in all of their varieties and styles. There is no question there. But rarely do we ever see this amount of love and care put into the preparation of meats.

Watching these being grilled fresh in front of us and the moves to simmer in a decedent pan of simmering juices topped with ropes of perfectly grilled Chorizo links coiled like a bbq cobra of Mexican flavor. All wafting a smell so intoxicating that it would make even a vegetarian’s head turn.

And of course. the crowning piece of any proper street taco setup is the Pastor Meat. This giant skewer of perfectly spiced beef as traditionally made with a pineapple right on top. So the fruity juices mix with the perfectly cooked meat.

And don’t forget the salsa!

All of this deliciousness and the tacos were only $3 a Taco so for our plate today we decided we had to try these two most appealing meats how could we resist. So we bought The Pastor and Chorizo tacos.

Better than milk and cookies.

What more can we say. The tacos were simplicity themself. The chorizo was chopped up and we inhaled it with a spicy verde sauce. The pastor meat was sliced to order with a sliver of the crowning pineapple being cut off and caught in the air by our taco. Topped with their salsa roja. With some grilled onions and jalapeños simmered in the meat juice. It was the perfect mixture of spicy, savory and grilled. It was the most perfect taco you could imagine. It was iconic.

Our only complaint about the whole experience we must say was when we asked the cashier where we could find them again and we received disappointing news. They only do catering and don’t have a regular setup. So finding them again will be tricky. Still we are not going to give up and will definitely be watching their Facebook closely to see their next event.

We give Los Dos Compadres 🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮 our of ten!!


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