Champ Pizza Chowdown

1900 NE 162nd Ave suite D113, Vancouver, WA 98684

With the world still not quite back to normal. WIth Portland and Vancouver having gone through Quarantines, Stay at Home orders, and the struggle to get into a phase where it is completely safe to go out to eat like we did in the before times. People have had to adapt and survive in the brave new post apocalyptic social distant world.

Good thing Pizza is ready for takeout.

Pizza has always stood out as the go to delivery food for people stuck at home, this cheesy sauce covered baked good is always connected with fond memories and good times. From football parties to game nights, partying our at the beach to just wanting to stay in and watch a movie. Pizza despite its italian orgins has become an all american comfort food, and so for today we decided to try out Champ Pizza to see if it was worthy of pizza’s saucy legacy.

Now this is not a fancy Pizzaria by any means. You won’t be walking into a artistically decorated restaurant with waiters, fireplaces, or soft italian music in the background.

Here you will find they have kept it simple. Small but clean location with specals written in chalk on the walls, a cooler full of cold sodas, and probably sports playing on a TV in the corner. So in other words its exactly what a down to earth Pizza shop should be. Comfortable.

Anyone will feel very at ease walking in here and grabbing a Pie and Soda to go .

Now for the Pizza itself. We decides to try two Medium PIzzas, one with Mushrooms and the other with Roasted Garlic and we must say it is cerntainly worth the price. at $16 per Pizza, two of us were already full by the time we finished one of these hearty Pies. So for our foodies on a budget it is worth picking up one for movie night.

The Garlic and Mushrooms were fresh and flavorful giving the perfect contrast to the cheese and sauce, giving a slice that was just greasy enough without making you feel bad after. The sauce inparticular was the star of this pizza, one of the more flavorful pizza sauces we have tasted in quite a while making this stand out from your run of the mill pizza joint.

That being said although the toppings and sauce were fantastic the pizza could have used a bit more cheese and the crust although good enough was a little too thick and doughy. It was not an issue when the pizza was still oven fresh and we were enjoying our slices, but it does mean that this pizza does not hold up cold or for the next day, and as we all know pizza leftovers are one of the best parts of ordering in. That being said they do offer thin crusts and cauliflower crusts as options so we will have to try those next chance we get.

All in all this was an enjoyable experience and we enjoyed our slice of flavor. So we do recommend you try this place out if you’re in the neighborhood, just dont lt your pizza get cold.

We Give Champ Pizza 6.5 Pizzas out of 10


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