HUB Brewpub Happy Hour Happy Times

Hopworks Urban Brewery Vancouver

17707 SE Mill Plain Blvd, Vancouver, WA 98683

Now let’s be honest. The world had been a rough place to deal with for a while now. From pandemic panics, to teargas, fires and the rumor and buzz of death hornets. We can all use a drink. Still we here at Sibling Grubbery know there is a special something to hitting up a brewery and grabbing a beer with a loved one.

That is of course Happy Hour!

Happy hour is that special time of day when you normally couldn’t justify ordering everything you’d like on a menu but hey, for 20 more minutes they are all on sale so you better stock up. So we decided to visit Hopworks Urban Brewery here in Vancouver to see what they had to offer. With a lovely spacious location including outdoor dining and plastic screens protecting the walk up bar. This is the perfect spot for a little bit of safe snack times and drinks. So let’s dive in.

Now to start with we decided to go with a pub classic. Pretzel bread with Hub making these pretzels on site giving them that comfortable homemade feel. If that’s not good enough they serve it with a nicely spiced Pilsner Dijon mustard and a hearty portion of Beer cheese. With six large piece of this bread this is the perfect starter for sharing and at barely $5 a plate on happy hour you will not regret getting this to go with your first drinks.

Still if that is not enough bread and cheese for you don’t worry. Hub also offers up slices of their hand tossed pizza. Normally known for their variety of sauces and toppings from Bbq whiskey pizza to traditional Margarita which are very tasty. During happy hour they keep it simple with a single cheese slice. Just the right amount for someone wanting that satisfy that cheesy pizza craving without having to shell out over $20 for an entire pie. At $3 a slice you will be ordering a few of those without overdoing it.

If this happy hour is starting to sound a bit too unhealthy for you. Don’t panic. Hub also provides a selection of salads for its patrons, and unlike other pubs they don’t phone it in. As apparent when we tried the Brewers Bowl. With a fine mix of greens, red onion, tomatoes and cucumber. Tossed with brewers Barley and quinoa to give each bite more flavor and a crunch. With feta cheese, bacon and grilled chicken. This salad is so tasty and satisfying that you will fill up on this before you know it. Normally $15.95 for a dinner sized portion. This happy hour version is small but still good sized at $6 a bowl.

Now for the Happy Hour Burger. Admittedly this was not one of our favorite choices from the menu. This local grass fed beef burger was not bad by any stretch, but it is exactly what it sounds like. A pretty good burger. Nothing memorable or fancy. Perhaps next time we should have ordered it with sautéed onions or beer cheese and that could have made this a more exciting dish, as it stands alone the beef was not especially juicy or flavorful, the bread was ok and the toppings were the usual suspects. This happy hour burger for $5.95 is just fine if you’re in the mood for it. Otherwise move on.

Move on we did. To dessert! To taste this Honeycombs pastry

Light and fluffy fried dough reminiscent of a Beignet tossed in a cinnamon and honeycomb dusting with fresh honey drizzled on top. Served with whipped cream, this little golden fried pillows are heavenly. The perfect way to round out a meal. Sweet but not to heavy, best eaten warm and well worth the calories. For Happy hour this generous portioned plate comes at only $3 a serving. Making this treat a steal and a must buy if you make it time.

Overall we were very pleased with our happy hour outing to Hopworks Urban Brewing. Not only with their quality of food for the most part but the variety of different things to try on their menu. We can see ourselves coming here regularly without getting bored with this menu. Not to mention they have plenty on tap for those beer lovers.

We give Hopworks Urban Brewing Seven glasses of Beer out of Ten 🍺 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺


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