Kimba Cocktail – The Smokin’ Oak

The Smokin’ Oak Barbeque Restaurant, Bar

501 Columbia St, Vancouver, WA 98660

For this week’s outing, our resident intoxicant Astronaut is trying some cocktails offered by the good people at The Smokin’ Oak in downtown Vancouver. What really caught his attention was the

Kimba Cocktail

This delightful drink served in a chilled glass is made with a good pour of Botonist Dry Inlay Gin, mixed with a Rosemary infused simple syrup and finished with Fresh squeezed Lemons. This combination was perfect. Starting with the initial sour lemon flavor, tempered by the sweetness of the syrup and fine delicate notes from the gin. Then mellowing our into a light herbaceous tingle from the rosemary.

This drink is the sort that makes you keep sipping until you don’t even realize that your glass is already empty. This cocktail is currently a special at the Smokin’ Oak, but this spaceman is hoping it can be a permanent favorite.

Into the breach we go

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