Cuban Paradise at Pambiche


2811 NE Glisan St, Portland, OR 97232

The smoke has cleared and the skies are blue again, well sort of. It’s the PNW so grey and cloudy. Still finally we can leave our homes again and venture out on foodie adventures. So what better way to do this than to hit up some Cuban style lunchtime at this colorful favorite off the Hollywood district. Pambiche

Instantly recognizable with its vibrant purple exterior and beautiful street murals. This is practically a Portland landmark in itself, making it just the place to bring friends visiting the city. Not to forget the interior which if anything is more vibrant than the outside. With a friendly staff and lively music it is a just perfect.

Now of course we did not just come here for the atmosphere or the sun patio seating. The real reason we came was of course for the food. So let’s dig in.

For starters we bite into the Pan con Pescado, this toasted Cuban Roll is served with a delicious pan fried red snapper which has been marinated in a garlic mojo sauce. Giving it a slightly acidic snap to this tender fish surrounded with the crunch of the bread and crisp flavor of the Caribbean cole slaw it comes with.

At only $11 this sandwich is a steal. Filling and delicious, it is the best quick bite to have on a summer day. Move over cubano because there is another Cuban sandwich in town.

Now if you’re feeling a bit hungrier and a sandwich just won’t cut it, we recommend something with just a bit more substance to it. Having that in mind we had the Arroz con Pollo, a bone in creole style chicken breast spiced just right and wonderfully tender is set on a bed of saffron herbed brown rice. Mixed with green peas and organic cabbage, set on a Cuban style beet slaw.

This fresh chicken umami is blended with the sharp tangy flavor of the slaw in savory balance. At $14 a plate and big enough you could feed two, this is quite a grand bargain.

Now after finishing our meals we needed a beverage while we sat and enjoyed the weather.

For a cold day we recommend this decadent and thick Hot Chocolate made with Cuban truffle sauce, Cuban spiced dark chocolate, and then topped with chantilly cream.

Then if it’s a hot day we thought you can go another way with this Mango Batido. This fresh mango smoothie is thick and fruity with only fresh mango flavor in every sip.

Pambiche really was a fantastic experience, from the ambiance to the food and finally ending with a delicious drink. It was a definitely somewhere we will be coming back to again and again.

We give Pambiche ten Cuban pollos out of ten 🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗


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