Phenomenal Pho House

316 SE 123rd Ave Unit A3, Vancouver, WA 98683

Now we all have our favorite neighborhood Pho spot. The place we swing by when we want some fresh and tasty soup made with more meats than we actually thought existed. Here at Pho House is no exception with big bowls of meaty goodness and noodles in need of slurping. For today though we have decided to try things a to see what other Vietnamese goodies they have to offer aside from that usual bowl of pho.

This cozy hole in the wall deli is a great place to stop by for a quick bubble tea or pork steam bun to go or sit down and enjoy a pleasant lunch with a friend. Clean and friendly, it is comfort food in all the best ways.

Of course when starting a Vietnamese meal one must start with the Salad Rolls. Lettuce, rice noodles, carrots and mint topped with a healthy portion of pork and shrimp. All wrapped up in a clear rice paper wrap. Also available with just veggies or tofu for those silly people that don’t eat meat or seafood, but for us the traditional pork and shrimp is always the way to go.

Dipped in a thick and savory peanut sauce you will be fighting for who gets to have the last bite. Of course only the strongest will prevale. Still at only $6 an order we can buy more.

Then of course is this shop’s specialty. The Bahn Mi is a Vietnamese sandwich made with style. Served on a flaky crusted baguette and served with Asian pickled veggies packed with citrus flavor which helps with the fresh jalapeños snuck in there giving a sweet and spicy topping to the fillings of your choice, and believe us you get a lot of choices. From the traditional with Pork pâté and ham, to head cheese, fried crispy pork patties, veggies and tofu, lemongrass chicken and a few more to can be a dizzying choice of which sandwich to bite into. Still each choice has always been packed with flavor that will make this a truly memorable sandwich experience. And at $5.95 a sandwich this is perfect for our foodies on a budget.

Still if you’re looking for something a bit more filling it’s hard to go wrong with the vermicelli noodle option. These light noodles served in a tangy fish sauce are piled high then topped with grilled pork and skewered grilled shrimp. Almost like a deconstructed salad roll on a plate. Topped with fresh herbs and green onions this is the perfect fusion of salad and noodle. Giving a tasty dish that will fill you up but give you that fresh and healthy feeling for $12.95 a bowl.

So as we have discovered this Pho shop has more than just soup to offer, and having only scratched the surface of this menu. We are going to have to do some more deep dives into this restaurant to really understand it.

That alas is for another time because we are stuffed. So for now we give Pho House eight bowls of pho out of ten 🍲 🍲🍲🍲🍲🍲🍲🍲


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