Ramen Savory Soup Time

19215 SE 34th St #100, Camas, WA 98607


Ramen. We all know and love it, but we have grown up from our broke student days when all we could afford was the cheap 35 cent cup noodle (we even buy the fancy 2 dollar ones now).

More importantly though ramen shops have become increasingly common in recent years. Where before only big cities could offer some fresh made umami pleasures now you can find them even in the most unlikely places. With that in mind we decided to check out this little hole in the wall Fujiya Ramen.

Located right at the edge of Camas and Vancouver this shop is easy to miss. Tucked away in a parking lot away from the main streets, but once you step inside you are blown away the beautifully well decorated interior. Keeping with traditional Japanese aesthetics but with a clean modern finish, this shop is certainly a hidden gem.

To start with the appetizers, with menu items such as crispy calamari, seaweed salad and potato croquettes available. There is plenty to choose from and although the portions were on the smaller sizes so were the prices. So no worries there, but what really caught our attention was the Takoyaki.

This crispy octopus dumpling was a dream. Crunchy on the outside but tender on the inside. With the seafood cooked perfectly and drizzled with a savory eel sauce and bonito flakes giving it an extra highlight of flavor with each pop. The only downside to these treats was that we burnt the roof of our mouths on them being impatient.

Now as for the ramen itself. We went ahead and tried a few varieties from the rather intensive menu including the chicken ramen, the shoyu and a Pork and miso broth. What all these dishes had in common was a rich and flavorful broth giving both warmth and flavor in each bite. The protein both the pork belly and the chicken were surprisingly tender. You could barely pick them up with your chopsticks without the meat falling apart in the most wonderful way. With noodles cooked just so to be tender and slightly chewy this bowl had it all. Most surprisingly

And the egg! What an egg. This almost smoky cooked egg is the most excellent of its kind. With the yolk cooked perfectly to give just a bit of gooey deliciousness but still be solid enough to pick up with chopsticks. The white too is infused with an umami flavor that you could eat it by itself and not be disappointed.

And with add one available such as bamboo, tofu, seafoodnor our favorite double protein. There is such variety of combinations to be made that everyone dining will have exactly what they are craving.

Normally these Ramen bowls run $13 which isn’t bad, but when we went we caught the lunch special which came to $9.99 for a Ramen and a drink! Making this a superb value for all you foodies on a budget.

End of the day we have had better ramens than this but not too many. And none of them as good a value for your money as these turned out to be. We hope to become regulars at this spot because

Fujiya Ramen earns a hearty seven ramens out of ten. 🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜


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