Mexicali Mule


1701 1/2 Broadway St, Vancouver, WA 98663

Our drunken space adventurer has slipped into a bit of a time stream issues and ended up back in an old fashioned speakeasy.

Still it could be worse because in this literally underground bar in Vancouver he has found plush leather furniture, fine service and specialty cocktails. Most Notably the

Mexicali Mule

Served in a tall copper highball glass this drink is both fruity and manly. Instead of a Mule’s usually Vodka this fine cocktail is made with a healthy portion of Tequila, then given a fruity smoothness with a blend of Passionfruit purée, a splash of Lime and spiced up with a fresh Ginger Beer. This drink is strong and bracing but finishes off smooth and fruity. Making it so once you start to drink you won’t stop until you realize you’ve already polished off the whole thing.

So excuse us as this Astro man goes and orders a second round. Salud.


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