Korean Krispy Comfort Food


12000 SE 82nd Ave Unit H127, Happy Valley, OR 97086


This last week while out exploring for something different, we decided to go on a little shopping spree. Hitting up the Clackamas Town Center shopping mall to see how places like this have managed to survive 2020. We were nicely surprised to see that this shopping center seems to be going strong despite everything happening in the world and we are happy for them.

but a bigger surprise was when right at the entrance we spotted this unknown Korean dining spot. Being big fans of Korean food we jumped right in to try it out. At first we were a bit disappointed to find the that inside looked a lot like a fast food chain, still with tasty smells in the air and a friendly staff waiting for our order we plunged on ahead.

Now although it turned out Bonchan was a chain this certainly wasn’t a generic fast food restaurant. Sporting a robust menu with starting with spicy fried chicken, to fresh pork steam buns, bulgogi Korean bbq beef and even udon soup. There was something for everyone to try and even though we ordered plenty, it was hard to try even half the menu options just because we were too full to eat anymore.

One downside, The fare was not quick hot and ready, so we did have to wait about 15-20 minutes for our dishes. Honestly though the quality of what we did get more than made up for it, and sharing a bottle of Korean Peach Soju on the patio while we waited made the time fly by.

Now for the actual food. First things first we had to try the chicken.

This Spicy Crispy chicken was a delight. The breading was perfectly crunchy and glazed in a sauce just spicy enough to make you want to slow down while also enticing you to take another bite. The meat inside tender and hot enough for you to burn your tongue if you are too impatient to wait (as we were) for it to cool.

For our less spicy loving friends out there we do note they also offer a garlic sauce instead

Offering a choice of wings or full drumsticks we really couldn’t decide, fortunately they had a helpful combo with 4 wings and a full drumstick together with a choice of side. This highly satisfying combo was an incredibly good deal at only $9.95!! With a good portion of rice to help we chowed down with gusto.

Of course we couldn’t just leave with only eating chicken, so we decided to try something a bit more unusual. Tteokbokki or in other words Korean Rice Cakes!

These semi-soft dumpling like rice cakes are tradition dish served in a spicy cheese sauce. Made firm enough to carry this tasty sauce but then chewy once you bite in, with fish cakes and small kimari seaweed wrapped bites. They are a quintessential drinking snack and a welcome addition to our meal. At $12.95 per order they are a bit spendy as a side, but perfect as a appetizer to share with friends.

All said and done we had a fabulous time at Bonchan and thoroughly enjoyed every part of this foodie adventure. Be warned though that once you start adding sides and drinks to your chicken order, this quick lunch spot can start to get pricey. Still for the quality and atmosphere we say it is worth it.

We give Bonchan Ten Crispy Chickens out of Ten 🍗 🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗


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