Drunken Astronaut – Gen 1 Starter Charmander

Vault 31

316 SE 123rd Ave D4, Vancouver, WA 98683


Today our intrepid astronaut has landed in the Pokémon region of the local Vancouver bar Vault 31. This bar has on offer a fine selection of nerdy themed cocktails to go, and for today this spaceman looked into their trio of first generation starter Pokémon inspired drinks. Colored red, blue or green depending on which starter you chose on your adventures with back in the day.

With the fire Pokémon charmander being a favorite of his. This astronaut couldn’t resist.

Now this cocktail recipe did not inspire confidence in the spaceman at first glance. Made up of Vodka, Rum, Gin, Tequila and Raspberry Liqueur making it seem reminiscent of an AMF or Long Island iced tea. Then flavored with Sweet and Sour, lemon juice and of all things Mt dew code red!?

It seemed like a head and stomach ache waiting to happen, yet honestly with the first sip it was a surprise to see how balanced the drink was. With the acidity cutting back on the overt sweetness of the soda and the strong flavors mellowing out the bite of its various spirits, turned out to be quite the smooth drink experience.

Not saying this cocktail was amazing by any means but it was tasty enough, and for $9 a glass it turned out to be a fun time. The strong spirits without the harsh alcohol bite make this a fun drink for when you want to chill and play some vintage games with space friends.


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