Cracking open the Pizza Vault

Vault 31 bar

316 SE 123rd Ave D4, Vancouver, WA 98683

Well it’s finally happening. The Portland Vancouver area has finally seen a drop of Covid cases significant enough to allow people to go out and dine in again.

This is very good news for many businesses struggling to make it through this quarantine world. Still we here want to be a little bit careful and not rush out in mass and crowd restaurants and bars. So for this week we will still be doing a takeout review. This week we decided to try the local Vancouver bar Vault 31.

Known for its fun nerd chic aesthetics and game, this bar has become a fun local spot for gamers and geeks alike to come enjoy a good drink, food and creative desserts.

With a large variety of nerdy themed cocktails on offer, from the Health Potion vodka cocktail to the Warp Pipe rum mixed. There is not doubt you will find something fun and interesting to sip on, we personally tried one of the trio of Gen 1 Starter Pokémon mixed drinks in the Charmander flavor made similar to an AMF, nicely strong and not too sweet, made with gin, vodka and tequila. Not a bad deal for $9 a drink. All available sealed and to go so you can enjoy these yummy drinks in the comfort of your own home.

Of course though while drinks are always good, we at Sibling Grubbery will always find our focus mainly drawn to food, and with a strong drink in hand. What sounds better than a nice slice of cheesy goodness? So when we noticed the selection of nerdy themed hand tossed pizza, we of course had to go all in on that.

The Fire Temple Pizza! Named for the death mountain lava filled level from the N64 Ocarina of time. This pizza knows how to bring the heat! With a blend of hot cherry peppers and jalapeños over pepperoni and black olives with a healthy amount of cheese. This was the perfect meal to enjoy with a fire type cocktail.

The crust was nicely brick oven fired with just the hint of dark char on the bottom making it crunchy at the the edges while staying soft and fluffy inside.

Thick without being doughy, spicy without being overbearing, and cheesy without being too greasy. This pizza was simply excellent. And at only $11.50 for a 10 inch personal pizza, frankly it’s a steal for a foodie on a budget, especially since we couldn’t even finish one of these big boys in a single sitting.

Now for the desserts. Most people tend to go down to Vault 31 for the homemade giant cookies provided by Cookie McCakeface and we can understand why. They are sweet and airy with fun colors and topping, but today we wanted to try their newest desserts on offer.

Boozy Ice Creams by Tipsy Scoops! We love a fun ice cream and when you combine that with our love a fun drinks, this is a match made in heaven. Coming in a big variety of flavors we decided to go with the raspberry sorbet with limoncello and the mint chocolate chip flavored with crème de menthe. These pints pints are not overly strong, having about as much alcohol as a good beer. They more than make up for it with their delicious flavor and with the alcoholic content never fully freezing they are always ready to scoop with ease. A very fun way to end a good meal.

Overall we will admit that you won’t be finding a fine dining experience at vault 31. It is simple food done well but with an added amount of whimsy and fun that really elevated the whole experience. We recommend this place for anyone who has been having a hard day and just needs a good pick me up.

We give vault 31 eight nerds out of ten 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓


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