Sweet Spots – An Icy Hawaiian Purple Wave

Wailua Shave Ice

1022 W Burnside St unit o, Portland, OR 97209


Given the snowpocalypse just we endured just a few short weeks ago, and that followed by rains, chilly winds and piled up ice that just wouldn’t melt. We were pleasantly surprised that the sun decided to visit this last week. Finally shining down and warming up our cities.

So what do we do! We get something cold to eat!

One of the tastiest frozen treat experiences in Portland can be found at Wailua Shaved Ice! Located in downtown just off of burnside and 11th. This fun little shop is still going strong despite the recent Covid issues and is managing a fine still offers a wide variety of different iced flavors to go.

With cloud like lightness of the ice, far better than crushed ice of snow cones. These come in fresh natural flavors. From fresh Mango and Vanilla, Orange and Pineapple sunrise, and of course Strawberry with Coconut. These choices and combinations are only matched by their fun topping. Whether you want crunchy almonds or coconut on top, fruit purée drizzle or Nutella. A foamed flavor on top or a scoop of ice cream underneath. Preferably both!

There is something for everyone.

Now we decided to try something a bit more unusual, this Ube Shave Ice naturally colored purple using the Ube, a yam native to Southeast Asia. Now you may think that Yam doesn’t seem like a proper dessert food, but it’s subtle sweetness and refreshing taste beg to differ. Yams are no longer reserved for the thanksgiving dessert that no one finishes. Now they are the star of the show. Topped with a coconut foam and with a strawberry drizzle and coconut flakes. Being able to enjoy something this vibrant and purple but without any artificial flavor. For $6 a bowl it was a wonderful experience we recommend to anyone.

And unlike snow cones or other iced desserts, this treat had the flavor all the way through not one speck of unflavored I’ve was to be found.

Honestly it was the perfect treat to enjoy in the sun.

We give Wailua Shave Ice Eight frosty smiles out of Ten 🥶 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶


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