Fun times in Fred’s Kitchen

Kuya Fred’s Cuisine

3905 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR 97266

Today we were in the mood for something outdoors. With the Oregon weather finally noticing the calendar and realizing it is in fact springtime, the sun has come out in force. So we naturally felt it was not only a good idea but rather a bone deep need of ours to find some new food carts to review before the rain comes back. With that we found out way down to Kuya Fred’s Cuisine down in Portland.

Just a few blocks away from Powell Blvd and a bit hidden away from casual notice, if you are lucky you will find your way down to the Eastport Food Cart Plaza. This beautifully put together food pod is simple awesome, with over 20 different food carts surrounding covered comfortable seating with strings of lights overhead for evening dining. A full beer patio installed with heaters for the cold and covered patios for the rain. This is one of the nicer food pods we have found in the city, and of course is where we found our new Filipino brunch spot.

Now Fred’s boasts a nice and varied menu with traditional items such as Chicken Adobo and Pork Lumpia, not to mention a variety of Pancit noodle dishes.

But seeing as it was early in the day we decided we wanted to try a Filipino breakfast style meal, and so we ordered the Longsilog meal.

This dish comes with two eggs fried to over medium, a good scoop of Silangag (Filipino fried rice) a few veggie and a trio of Longanisa (Filipino style sausage). Honestly it is a larger meal than we were expecting, more than enough for us to eat our fill and still have a bit leftover. At $12 per order this was a good value for the quantity. As for the quality….

The sausage! Oh this sausage makes our order worth it. Grilled hot and fresh, this Filipino specialty is cooked and seasoned perfectly. With just the right amount of snap of the skin when you bite in, the juicy flavors then bursting in your mouth in delightful ways. This Longanisa is a new favorite!

The rest of the meal not so much.

It’s not that the rest was bad really…But unremarkable. The rice is done well enough but lacking impact, and the eggs are fine but not much different than you’d expect at a diner.

Good but just that.

Fortunately we also ordered a couple of Veggie Lumpia to make up for it. These crispy Filipino style spring rolls are more often seen filled with Pork and shrimp. (which they do offer here) Still with all the sausage we had already snacked on, we went for a lighter version. (filled with fresh veggies and tofu roll)

This was a fun side to compliment our meal. Dipped in sweet chili sauce it is hard to go wrong. At $7 for two it is a little pricey for an add on, but they are pretty large and it’s easy to be satisfied even if you end up sharing.

End of the day this wasn’t our favorite new spot. The wait for our food was too long, the lumpia and sausage were the only notable orders. Still those two were so perfectly made (especially the sausage!!!!) that we are willing to come back and give Fred’s another try and see if their menu has some other hidden gems.

That being said we give Kuya Fred’s Cuisine Four out of Ten 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭


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