Sweet Stop in the Cloud Forest Hot Chocolate pop up

Cloud Forest Hot chocolate

727 SE Morrison St, Portland, OR 97214


We all love hot chocolate It brings memories of being cozy with loved ones and being young. When the greatest treat you could think of was a large warm mug of sweetness with marshmallows gently floating on top.

With that in mind we were very happy this week to be able to review Cloud Forest and their Hot Chocolate Shop. Originally planned as a pop up event in January, this little spot had apparently captured the hearts of its neighborhood. Enough so that they have become a more permanent fixture to this lively part of Portland, now open Thursday through Sunday every week.

When you walk in this bright and friendly shop the first thing that draws the eye is a delicious looking display of sweet treats to buy. From Rhubarb cream filled Choux Pastries, Chocolate Bouchons reminiscent of chocolate lava brownies, Buttery Madelines, salted Chocolate Chip Cookies and of course fresh house made Marshmallows.

It is enough to crave even the biggest sweet tooth you might have, and with the marshmallows at $1.50 and the rest between $2-$3 per pastry. It really is a fair price for a little sweet treat for yourself.

Now for the Hot Chocolate itself. With a good variety of choices from the Classic Dark starting at $4 you can move onto something more adventurous. Like the Cardamom Chocolate ($5) for those who appreciates more exotic spice with their chocolate or the Poplar Bud Scented Chocolate ($5) for a subtle almost honey richness added to your drink and more.

All are refreshing and delicious drinks. Not overly sweet but with just the right amount of bitterness to make you crave another sip. With an added marshmallow or vanilla available as add ons for those who want a spike of flavor thrown in. It is a must to any chocolate lover to try this place at least once.

Made fresh to order when you come in and if you want something a bit more unusual they also offer an Agua de Cacao ($4). This is a fully unsweetened and water based chocolate drink made like the Mayan people enjoyed. Recommended for a more bitter palette but impressive to watch being made as they use traditional styles wooden tools to blend this mix together in front of you as you wait.

And yes we are aware that Summer is on its way and sunny days have arrived at the city. But at Cloud Forest they a ready for that. They have the option to make any of their Chocolates into an iced beverage so you can enjoy it no matter what the weather says.

All in all we a had a wonderful time at Cloud Forest and are so happy we stumbled across them. We intend to keep coming back here for our chocolate fix as long as they keep good tastes flowing.

We give Cloud Forest Chocolate Ten Chocolate Bars out of Ten 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫


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