Portland Pizza Week 2021 Five Ninja Countdown!


Portland Pizza Week is one of the tastiest traditions in the City. Presented and advertised by The Portland Mercury this event was always a favorite here in the foodie community and we were a bit depressed when last year’s event was cancelled along with so many others due to Covid in 2020.

Still it is a new year and new world and the Pizza Week 2021 was a big hit. With many of our best Portland Pizzerias offering their most creative slice and pie suggestions for only $2 a pop. That being said, we here at Sibling Grubbery decided that this called for a Ninja Turtle Pizza Crawl! Going around the city and choosing the five pizzas that caught our Teenage Mutant attention (plus a bonus villain because why not). Ranking them and sharing our pizza week experience with everyone.

Now pizza week may be ending but these slices will always live on in our hearts, and our waistlines. (Ps eating five pizzas in one night is not recommended by your doctor)

Starting at #5 with Mikey

Sparky’s Pizza’s “The Maury Ballstein”

This was a very straight forward slice to start and that’s not such a bad thing. A simple slice of marinara and mozzarella, topped with basil and some meatballs. Basic and cheaply made, this pizza isn’t much to remember. Still it fits the iconic idea of a $2 pizza and eating it you can’t help but remember when you were a kid on a Saturday afternoon and your parents let you get a slice at a fair or game.

It isn’t great, but even bad pizza still satisfies at times. Still on to better things.

Leonardo is on it with #4

Straight From New York Pizza Hawthorne’s “Plantainted Love

We wanted to love this pizza. It’s sounds amazing with the idea of blending Cuban styled plantains with Filipino styled pork and Asians sauces. And while the pork worked well the plantain was a bit undercooked and the balsamic sauce a bit overpowering. Still a good pizza, but a like not a love.

Donny is sliding in with #3

Straight From New York Pizza Belmont’s “Baby Got Bok

Keeping with the Asian styles we went with this bok Choi and Kim chi. These flavors were nicely balanced and well excited making for an unusual flavor in this thin crust styled slice. Very tasty and a flavor combination that we never expected with out za.

The Shredder is demanding your surrender with #2

Fino Bistro and Pizzeria’s “Strawberry Fields Forever

This was a lighter and richer bite all at the same time. With roasted strawberries and their sweetness contrasting the cheesy ricotta and the herbaceous baked kale. This is the sort of slice so full of flavor with the added bonus that you don’t feel bad about going in for a second slice.

And Finally Raphael is rocking it with #1

Humdinger Pizza’s “Pray To Your Al Pastor”

Delicious pastor styled pork, with fresh (not canned) pineapple, jalapeños, onion and cilantro! This is the greatest evolution of this street taco favorite in cheesy style. Of course this steals the #1 spot!


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