Quick Bite – Tokyo Sando Scotch Egg Slamdown!

321 SW 2nd Ave, Portland, OR 97204


Tokyo Sando opened their food truck doors to us a while back when Tokyo born Chef Taiki Nakajima decided he wanted to bring his hometown flavors to the streets of Portland in a fun way and unusual way.

The Sando is born!

Featuring a variety of delicious Japanese styled Sandwiches such as Crispy fried Shrimp, Pork Katsu and Chicken Nanban. This cart first started gaining popularity in the university district appealing to the students on the go, but has more recently moved over to Old Town Portland right around the corner from Voodoo Donuts and seems to be making a reputation with locals as lunchtime favorite.

But what really caught our attention was when they started promoting a new specialty Sando. The Miso Scotch Egg Sando ($12.99) this limited special sandwich proved to be a big hit! Only sold certain days of the week and even then quick to sell out, you have to get there early to put your order in.

Featuring a beautifully cooked Soft Boiled Egg wrapped in Caramelized Onions and Pork Sauage. Then the that ball of tasty goodness is deep fried, topped with their signature Tokyo Miso and Black Garlic and finished with Mayo and Cabbage.

This Sando was a wonderful combination of soft and crispy textures, smooth and impactful flavors and just all around fun to eat. The egg yolk in particular worked wonderfully with the flavorful black garlic, and the Panko style coating gave a great crunch contrast the airy bread.

Of all the Sandos on their menu this is the absolute standout for us and definitely worth the trip.

We give Tokyo Sando’s Miso Scotch Egg 9 perfectly cooked Eggs out of 10



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