A Haunting At Raven’s Manor

Raven’s Manor

235 SW 1st Ave, Portland, OR 97204


While the sun may be bright and shining this week in Portland. There is a bit of darkness brewing in the eerie and haunted corners of this sinister city. A darkness which has taken form in Raven’s Manor!!!!

A delightfully spooky new bar which has just recently opened the doors of its evil den to all interested. If you by chance are able to get past the crowds and waitlist you will be greeted by a vast and spookily decorated interior set as a haunted manor.

With blood splattered trails and winding staircases this spot is worth the visit just to experience the dark ambience.

Honestly we were blown away by the sheer attention to detail given to every nook and cranny. They really poured their heart and blood into making sure that every room of this almost labyrinth has something macabre to see.

Even a simple trip to the bathroom had us taking non stop photos.

This bar already get 10/10 just for how much fun we had experiencing it all.

Even if you aren’t hungry it’s worth stopping by for a drink to sip while you wander these halls.

And of course the spooky mood isn’t just on the wall but in the cups as well. Ravens Manor has a full list of creepy crawly cocktails to liven up your trip. From their list of Sinister Shots such as the Bloody Eyeball ($6) which this citrusy triple sec and rum combo is topped with a lychee and blueberry eye.

To their Brain Hemorrhage ($4) which is a Peach Schnapps with a sweet brain floating within.

It is a nice change of pace to be able to order fun drinks at a bar without having to break the bank to do it. Still if you want something a bit more intense….

From their list of Deadly Tonics we first tried the Burnt Corpse ($15) which was a fierce combination of Mezcal and Grapefruit with a Brown sugar Simple Syrup for deep strong flavor. Warning this drink isn’t for everyone but if you want something with a kick and smoky flavor. It’s a burnt corpse kind of night.

But then the most fun drink we had that night has to be Doctor Raven’s Reserve ($9). This Coconut rum drink had a Midori twist and comes to the table not only glowing but with smoke coming from the top of this mad scientist cocktail. As soon as you see one of these beautiful drinks at the bar you’ll have to order one for yourselves if not more.

They have clearly put a lot of love crafting into making these mixology miracles and while we have had tastier drinks, we have rarely had more fun drinking them.

The only negative to this fantastical grim Manor was unfortunately the food.

It’s not bad, but it lacks the impact of the location and the drinks. Offering rather traditional bar apps such as sweet potato tots and charcuterie boards which are good enough if a bit plain. Their main dishes range from a black grilled cheese sandwich, burgers and tacos. All seemingly executed well but the same sort we see at any local pub.

We still enjoyed our food well enough, but when they were next to the fantastic drinks they just tasted a bit bland and we left a bit hungry still.

Still overall we are in love with Raven’s Manor. We can’t stress how much fun we had here and if the food would add some of that spooky vibe they have in all other parts of the Manor we would call this a absolute perfect spot for anyone.

End of the Night we give Raven’s Manor 9.5 macabre skulls out of 10 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀🦴


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