Rolling up to Moore Alley

Moore Food & Co.

3576 SE Division St Site B, Portland, OR 97202

This scorcher of a week in Portland we decided to try and find some of the food carts with a shady location. Literally we needed the shade or we would melt. So when we heard about a secreted alley way with rumors of delicious food, well we had to investigate didn’t we?

So onwards we searched the east side of the city until we found the fairly innocuous side pointing down towards Moore Alley.

Following this sign we walked down a colourful alley way towards the sounds of people chatting

And were surprised to find the most adorable dining space we have seen in a while. With plants spring from every corner and rustic wood built throughout giving this a natural and calming vibe. Completely cut off from the busy street just a few feet away.

This secret slice of calm seems to be a well known spot for locals as there was already a several people relaxing and enjoying the beautiful day before the main food cart was open for business.

But when Moore’s food & Co did open up a decent line started to grow within seconds. So we quickly hopped in.

First off. Our priorities for a hot afternoon. We needed a drink! Fortunately Moore’s seems to have a line of beers and ciders on tap, so we went ahead a got a tall pint of Peach Berry Cider ($7) which was the perfect level of sweet and refreshing.

Now Moore’s is mostly known for its Cheesesteak sandwiches ($12) which look delicious and hearty, with options to make it a Buffalo Chicken Version if you want to mix it up. A solid menu choice we are sure, but we were interested in something a little more unique to this cart.

Philly Cheesesteak Eggrolls! ($9) these crispy fried goodies are served two at a time the size of a large taco.

Piping hot and full of thinly sliced steak and melted cheese. These are a wonderful fusion of East and West, served with a Spicy Ketchup and we ordered a side of Steak Fries ($4) to go with. This meal was just as filling as a full steak sandwich would have been but much more fun to eat.

We didn’t stop there! We also had to try the Monte Cristo Egg Rolls ($9) made with a Ham, Turkey and Swiss filling wrapped up in an eggy washed crunchy spring roll. With just a bit more color and richer flavor to the outer shell, this roll is then sprinkled with Powdered Sugar and Cinnamon

Served with a Raspberry Sauce and Maple Syrup. The berry sauce was good, but when dipped in the maple this dish sang with brunch time goodness!

All in all we enjoyed our meal here tremendously. It was a fun vibe and atmosphere, paired with excellent and I te resting treats. This is definitely a place we will be coming back to and soon.

We give Moore Food & Co. Nine Takeout Boxes out of Ten! 🥡🥡🥡🥡🥡🥡🥡🥡🥡


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