Soaring High at Dos Alas

Dos Alas Latín Kitchen and Tequila Bar

777 Waterfront Way Suite 201, Vancouver, WA 98660

This week we had the pleasure of dining at one of the newer additions to the Vancouver Waterfront, Dos Alas Latin Kitchen where the owner of local restaurant Jorges Tequila Factory and its sister sites has decided to branch out and provide a more elevated dining experience for the up and coming Vancouver dining scene.

And so far the people seem to be loving it.

The experience begins as soon as you enter with modern sleek styles blended beautifully with natural aspects. From vines and ivy elegantly climbing the walls leading you to the center, a beautiful tree which serves as a lively focal point to the main dining hall.

Not to mention if it’s a sunny day outside you can sit on the second floor balconies and enjoy a view of the riverside and summer breeze.

Of course when enjoying such a view we needed a drink and decided to indulge on the intensely named Sex on Fire ($16) which was a complex blend of Blanco Tequila, Mezcal and Orgeat finished off with a spritz of Absinthe lit on fire. Not a drink for everyone since the peaty flavor of mezcal can be overpowering but honestly after the first intense sip it settles into a refreshing and indulgent drink.

As for the food, Dos Alas speciality seems to lay in its tapas style dining. Small plates ordered as needed and coming out as soon as they are prepared so when you order you can have a fun time as your dishes come out one at a time at their freshest. We started off with some Brazilian Cheese Bread ($8) these crispy balls of cheesy goodness are then topped with fresh herbs and minced garlic giving a robust pop of oil and flavor to start your meal.

Then we moved onto the Empanadas ($13) which where full of a nicely tender roasted Short Rib Beef but also had the option for a Vegetable and Cheese Blend ($10) for our Vegetarian friends. Fried to perfection and served with a cilantro crema which gave it refreshing smoothness to this dish.

After that came the Tuna Tostado ($18) this Raw Ahi Tuna is treated with a soy glaze similar to a Poke style, then drizzled with some more of that yummy crema and topped with a Fresno Chile to give it a bit of a kick. Perfect little two bite treats, that is if you can handle the heat! The peppers are a bit spicy.

Finally for our Maim Course we went for the Paella for Two ($55) this large pan of aromatic saffron rice cooked with just a bit of bite to the grain is a beauty. Sopped with a lovely grilled Lobster Tail, surrounded by crispy Shrimp, Clams and Mussels. Finished with a lovely looking flower centerpiece. This is a definitely a showstopper dish when it hits the table, flavorful without being heavy and with the impact of saffron wading from the hot pan we can safely say this plate is as tasty as it is gorgeous.

All in all this place is a wonderful idea for a good date night where you want to impress a certain someone. Foodies on a budget might want to avoid these menu prices but if you feel like you need to treat yourself to something a bit more elevated than the usual, then spread yourself wings to Dos Alas.


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