Let the Good Times TokyRoll

Tokyroll Sushi and Poké

301 NE 192nd Ave #208, Camas, WA 98607


What could be better on a warm summer afternoon than a cool, crispy Poké bowl. With Fresh veggies, sliced fish and served with sushi rice.

So when we heard that a new Poké and Sushi Restaurant was opening up in Vancouver this last weekend, how could we resist visiting the grand opening day!

Apparently everyone else had the same idea. Crowds of people came in mass to line up this first day, everyone wanting a bite of the new and fresh Japanese flavor. Still we didn’t let the wait time dissuade us from try TokyRoll Sushi and Poké.

They were more than prepared for the torrent of people coming by, with the lines moving efficiently and even a electronic order station set up to make the experience as quick as possible. As good as they were we still had to wait quite a while for our food to arrive, but with dozens of people ahead of us on an opening day, that really wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been. Was it worth the wait?

For starters we did try the basics, a California Roll which they have playfully named the Hotel California ($7.99) admittedly it is very standard for a Cali roll flavor wise, but we were impressed at how large they cut these sushi rolls and the portions in general, so a decent value for the price.

But they have found ways to elevate the traditional California Roll with options such as The Black Panther ($10.99) which is a Cali roll topped with Eel, Eel Sauce and a Tobiko fish roe. This was well worth the price, with the sauce level just right to flavor but not overpower and hearty chunks for tender eel for protein.

We then moved on to The Hulk Roll ($9.99) this tempura fried roll is stuffed with Imitation Crab and cream cheese then topped with tempura Salmon and topped with their signature Hulk Sauce which is a Cilantro based light flavor which really accents the crunchy umami of this bite.

Of course there are plenty of sushi places in the city to try, so for us this trip was first and foremost a Poké stop. So we had to order the build your own Poké bowl ($13.99) each coming with a choice of Rice, Brown Rice or Salads as a base. Then topped with Seaweed Salad, Cucumber, Mango, Edamame, and Carrots.

Ahi Tuna Marinated in a sesame oil the tossed with green onions and soy sauce as our protein was portioned out separately. Which was nice for the option of takeout for later but did make the dish feel a little less cohesive. Still we just had to mix it ourselves if we wanted the flavors to blend. A fairly good sized bowl for how little it costs.

End of the day the sushi rolls were quite tasty, but not the best we’ve had in the area. Disappointingly most of them had imitation crab as a filling, to be fair they made up for that with flavorful toppings and quantity.

The poke bowl itself was good also, busy lacking some impact in flavor and quite very traditional. We wish they had used some more novel ingredients to liven the bowl up. It was good, but maybe with the right sauce and topping combo it could be great.

It does win out on one factor, it is one of the few places to get a poke bowl in the city and for that we will probably come back and see if they step up their game.

We give TokyRoll Sushi and Poké Bowl Seven Fish out of Ten 🐠 🐟 🐠🐟🐠🐟 🐠


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