Torta Time Touchdown!


200 NE 28th Ave, Portland, OR 97232

This weekend we were enjoying the sun shining down over 28th street. These few blocks on in North East Portland with their vibrant colors and friendly neighborhood vibes, boasts a lively restaurant scene that managed not only to survive but in fact thrive in this past year which has taken down so many of our loved eateries.

This is thanks to their ability to adapt to the changing rules and regulations which have tripped up so many business owners. They were some of the first to start operating street dining in the city and now when you walk down the street on summers day you feel a festive vibe with all the patio and al fresco tables and booths spread around.

Güero particularly has embraced this scene, with music on their street corner and a bright but colorful built patio. It is a beautiful place to experience and reminds us of enjoying street food in a Mexican marketplace.

So of course we had to start in on the drinks! and when it comes to Mexican you have to try the Margarita! ($9) Now honestly we don’t need to tell you what is in a Margarita, it was a very standard glass of Lime and Tequila. Stronger than most places and well put together but nothing crazy.

So of course we needed to try something a bit more interesting. The Mezcal Margarita ($11). Made with the smokier Mezcal instead of tequila and then blended with Grapefruit, Lime and Rose for the perfect citrus balance and finished with Chili Lime Salt Rim to add color and spice to this drink. At first this drink might seem a bit too bold and strong for casual drinkers, but it is one of those that sneaks up on you and mellows out for a refreshing sipping experience. You just have to get past that first peaty impact.

After those strong drinks we needed something in our bellies and were ready to dig into some heart tortas! Starting with the the Refrito ($12) with a base of fresh refried pinto beans topped with Avocado, Onions, Cilantro, Cabbage for freshness and a needed crunch to each bite, with Roasted Serrano peppers to give it a big hit of spicy! Honestly be prepared to love spicy food or at least order a second drink. Finally Poblano Crema with Chile Lime Mayo finish rounding off the flavors and add the right amount of creaminess to this Telera crunchy grilled bread. A pretty delicious and huge sandwich which was very satisfying.

Then we moved onto the Desayuno ($12) sandwich. This breakfast themed torta is a beauty coming with a rich and juicy Braised Beef topped with a crumbly Cotija cheese, sliced of Avocado, pickled Jalapeño and local greens for that bit of freshness mingling with a subtle spice. Of course finished with a fried Egg, giving you the excuse to eat this sandwich first thing in the morning. About half the size of the Refrito and served on a Borillo roll, it’s good enough you might need two of them.

All said and done Güero Torta Shop is in fact the #1 tortas you can find in the city. We look very much forward to coming down again and trying all the different varieties of sandwiches on offer.

We give Güero’s Ten Tortas out of Ten



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