Studio One Revisit

Studio One Theaters

3945 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, OR 97202

We here at Sibling Grubbery love the movies. Sitting down with a big bucket of popcorn, eating overpriced candy and zoning out for a few hours to enjoy fantastical stories on the big screen.

It is a beautiful thing.

That is why we have always been big fans of Studio One Theaters this local movie spot offers an elevated film experience, not only with comfortable theater rooms and chair but also a wide range of dine in menu options while you watch your film. When we reviewed Studio one a bit over a year ago we were very happy with the dinner movie experience (See the original review here) but since covid issues still haven’t gone away this theater has had to fight hard to stay alive.

But end of the day they are still here and kicking. With people finally going back to movies and blockbuster films being released again, we decided it was time again to see what Studio one has to offer! So let’s do brunch!

As usual we are nicely blown away by the beauty of Studio One’s movie halls. Each stylized after a different city around the world, lit with colorful imagery and decorated with subtle artistic flair. Of course with cozy couches large enough to lose yourself in and even take a nap.

Full bar service is a must here. With Wine, Beer and even Full cocktails you will never be without something good to drink for a film. It being brunch time for us we of course had to go for the classic Mimosa.

For our main dish we decided to go with their special. Chicken and Waffles dish. This fluffy buttermilk waffle was served to us hot and fresh and we lazed on a pile of cushions. Topped with some crispy fried boneless chicken and while normally we prefer bone in for flavor we have to admit that since we were eating in a darkened theater without a traditional table this certainly made it easier to eat. With a side of fruit to balance the heavier mains, this was a lovely brunch choice.

Now I’m all honesty. We have had more delicious chicken and waffles from other restaurants, and while this one was good, it was hardly revolutionary. What was revolutionary was the experience as a whole!

The amount of personal service you feel here, from the being escorted to your theater seats from well attended servers, to having your drinks and food delivered silently while you watch your film. You feel truly and fully pampered here, and with brunch time movie tickets at only $6 a person! You will have plenty of cash left over to splurge on your meal. Mimosas and Chicken & Waffle came up to about $30 which honestly is what you send on nachos and couple sodas at a regular theater these days.

We give Studio One Brunch time Nine Chicken & Waffles out of Ten



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