Mayan Munchies!

Príncipe Maya

7238 SE Foster Rd, Portland, OR 97206

This October despite the cold and rain coming back to the world, we have not given up on good food cart eating! We will put on our coats and gloves and venture any storm in order to find that new delicious bite. So with that in mind we found ourselves wandering over to Principe Maya to indulge some warm and happy Yucatán food!

For starters we indulged in some Salbutes ($3.50 ea) this fluffy tortilla is crispy fried and topped with light veggies (tomato, lettuce and red onion) and then topped with your choice of meats. We went with Carnitas Pibil a style of slow cooked pork marinated in a chili citrus sauce. The meat was very flavorful, tender and the juices melded nicely with the crunchy tortilla, soaking in the top layer but not making anything too wet.

Very tasty but honestly a bit small, so if you want to make a meal of salbutes be sure to buy three at least.

Of course if you want something more substantial we recommend the Molletes ($11) this hearty dish is a classic comfort food that you can hardly pass up.

Made similar to an open faced torta you have two fluffy pieces of bread topped with Refried Beans, Pico De Gallo, Cheese and your choice of proteins. Of course we went with the crowd favorite. Carne Asada!

This was far from a fancy dish but it was so filling and yummy that we don’t even care, ended up gobbling the whole thing up in no time, dipping any extra bread in our salsa verde and being way too full. Really just a happy dish.

All said and done we had a good time at this Mayan foodie outing. It’s nothing crazy out there that we will need to rush back to right away but it was overall just a joyful experience and definitely a recommend from us.

We give Principe Maya Six and a Half Flour Tortillas out of Ten



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