Appetite for Korean Awesomeness

KBap Korean Awesomeness + Rice

751-799 SW Ankeny St, Portland, OR 97205

Food pods are a beautiful thing. When you can decide what you’d like to eat they provide a variety of tastes and choices to please even the most indecisive eaters. So with that in mind we decided to wander over to The Cart Blocks. This colorful slice of Portland which used to be a graffitied and trash filled ugly mark on the city has in recent months made a comeback as the newest food pod addition to downtown.

Inside The Cart Blocks we came across KBap a Korean Bibimbap cart offering a selection a rice bowl dishes filled with yummy meats and veggies. Right away we were drawn in by their bright colors and simple charm.

We went with a classic choice. the Bulgulgi Beef Bibimap Bowl ($10). Just off the bat we have to say this a great value for our money! The serving was Huge, filled to the brim with pickled carrots, red peppers, lettuce, spinach, the Korean marinated beef. All sitting on a light bed of rice and glass noodles.

The egg was cooked perfectly. Just the right amount of runny without being under, the beef was tender and delicious pairing nicely with the chili paste they provided, the noodles were so flavorful and mixed well with most of the veggies.

Only negatives about the bowl was probably the zucchini and spinach. The zucchini was a bit under seasoned and the spinach a little over cooked for our taste. Still there wasn’t very much of these two and they were easy to eat around.

Overall this is still a fantastic dish and an excellent choice for a foodie on a budget. We highly recommend this spot next time you are nearby.

We give KBap Korean Awesomeness + Rice Eight Rice Bowls out of Ten



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