Late Night Sushi Showdown!

UCHU Sushi

3940 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97227

You leave the bars, It’s late in the evening, the sun is long gone and it’s getting cold as you wander through Mississippi street in Portland. When from the corner of your eye you spot a glowing blue beacon or comfort and warmth. You have spotted UCHU Sushi and they are welcoming you in.

As you enter this modern stylish sushi spot you are entranced by the decor. It is brightly colored in cool blue bright lights and near neon in a late night Tokyo vibe.

The friendly staff greet you right away and are immediately very attentive to you. The service is wonderful. With a full bar of beers, cocktails and sake to choose from you have plenty of options to keep you warm.

Of course with drinks you’ll need something to snack on. with an all day happy hour going on on Monday night you are very happy with $5 Gyoza plates. Now these are fairly basic as fair as potstickers go, but for the price they are a nice way to start our meal.

Speaking of our meal, with happy hour prices it is easy to go overboard with sushi rolls and we love it! For under $45 you’ll get enough sushi for two people to eat until full and have plenty of leftovers for midnight snacking!

With items such as basic Salmon Skin Rolls going for only $5, then more fun bites like Spider rolls for only $8!! It is a bargain to get this quantity of food for basically pocket change.

One of the things that impressed most was the Tempura Roll ($7). Usually one of the least interesting rolls at a sushi restaurant they managed to make this dish a fun combination of texture and flavor. Without going overboard on the cream cheese you could actually appreciate the fish inside.

Now for the criticism. This sushi is nice but not anything revolutionary. There are better rolls found in different places around town. They are well put together and tasty enough but that’s about it flavor wise.

Still for these prices you know what you are getting into and it is nice to indulge in a sit down sushi meal without fully emptying your wallet every time.

Not to say that you won’t enjoy yourself here.

You really will, but mostly for the excellent service and the fun of having late night happy hour sushi! It’s a perfect place for snacks after an evening out drinking, and you’ll be wanting to come back again to try some of the other menu options. Fried chicken and ramen is a tempting you. We know it is.

We give UCHU Sushi six out of ten sushi rolls



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