Cubano Pork Paradise

Havana Station

722 SE 10th Ave, Portland, OR 97214

Now food halls have been trying to get hold in Portland in recent years. With food pods and truck spots being paved away and sold off to make room for more apartments and future hotels (we are looking at you downtown by the target!)

It has become a harder road for those hoping to set up a simple and tasty food stall in this new marketplace. So what do they do? Give up? Never. They come together inside a large space and bring food, drink and good times together. So we have the Morrison Market. Located in Southeast Portland off of 10th. This spacious food hall is ready for the city to reopen and although not all of the shops are 100% present we did manage to come down and try our luck at phase 1 Cuban food from Havana Station.

With this delightful hot rod and bright vintage brick exterior. When you come here there is no doubt this will be the first place you notice, and with friendly service and good vibes you cannot help but give them a try.

First off for Appetizers we tried the Fried Plantain Fritters which come for $4 a plate and yes we do mean plate. These are massive and very much meant for sharing. Now these while not mind blowing are just the right amount of salty and crunchy making them a welcome treat to go with any drink.

We also tried the Pork Croquettes for $3.50 and honestly we would not recommmend these to anyone. Far from a tasty treat these so called croquettes were a plate of fried meat tubes, far too mushy and not at all pleasing. We did not finsh them or feel the need to take a picture.

After the appetizers we were not impressed but this cart managed to turn things around starting with their Mango Batido a cuban style of fruity milkshake coming in at $3.50 this drink made the visit worth wild filled with fresh mango flavor that is unrivaled so smoothy and delicious we finished it before our main meal and wanted to buy a second one. Even if you are not hungry we would recommend coming in if even just for a drink.

Now when we came here we asked the chef what was his favorite thing? What did most people come here to experience and he did not hesitate even for a moment. The Cubano possibly the most iconic Miami style Cuban Inspired dish, the sandwich many try to make but few can perfect. At $10.50 we had to try one for ourselves and see if this was really a Havana Paradise or would it be a disappointment and waste of carbs….

It was perfection. The Pork perfectly cooked inside so tender and juicy enough to satisfy without causing the bread to get soggy. Ham in just the right amount to compliment the melty gooey cheese and just the right amount of acidity coming from the pickles. All of this perfectly buttered and pressed to give a lightly oiled and crispy sandwich exterior.

This sandwich alone makes Havana Station a go to spot for us and we will be coming back for more there is no doubt.

All in all if we were just judging by the Milkshake and the Cubano alone, we would be giving Havana a 10/10. With their delicious foods and friendly service. Not to mention for our foodies on a budget you can eat very well here for under $20.

but taking into account the plantains which were good but not great, the tamales which are ok, and the meat tubes (We are not going to call them croquettes) which were just bad. This spot has its share of iffy choices.

Overall still a very good experience and definitely worth a taste or two.

We Give Havana Station Eight and a Half Cubano sandwiches out of Ten



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