Beauty and the BBQ

Bark City BBQ

5235 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97213

Summer is starting to wind down now and Portland is counting down the days until the rain begins to fall again. So before it does we need to enjoy these sunny days to the fullest, and for foodie that means just two things. BBQ and Food Carts!

So we went off to a personal favorite pod of ours. Rose City Food Park is a wonderful pod nestled away off of Sandy Blvd. with a dozen interesting and unique carts to choose from, a beer section and ample shaded seating it is always a fun place to visit. Especially if you happen to spot this little pink shack open for business. Welcome to Bark City BBQ!

A few things set this BBQ cart aside from others we have tried in the city. One is the selection! Usually a bbq cart will have a bit of a limited menu, not here! With options ranging from Memphis style Ribs (dry or wet), Smoked Turkey Breast, Pulled Pork, Links and even Brisket! There are plenty of meats to choose from to be paired with Mac and Cheese, Corn Bread etc. Heck. They even offer Banana Cream Pie in the form of a Milkshake!

Even more impressive than the menu was the friendliness of the crew. Rarely do we get service by someone so cheerful and excited to feed you, as soon as we came up we were greeted with big smiles and helpful hints on what flavors pair best together. The service alone makes this spot worth coming back to.

As for the food. We decided to keep things simple with what they call the DC Streets! ($13) this BBQ sandwich while inexpensive is lacking in nothing at all! A full Half a Pound of their Memphis Ribs are dry rubbed, slow cooked and then slathered with their in house Bark BBQ Sauce. Then served on white bread which has been griddled to a golden perfection. With the suggested side of Cole Slaw to accent the sauces flavor. This dish was perfection incarnate.

These ribs are the definition of fall off the bone good. Forget the knife and fork because you’ll want to take that delicious buttery bread and scoop up this tender pork taco style. We honestly couldn’t stop once we started eating. Again. For only $13 this was the cheapest most filling ribs we can remember eating. We wished we had room for a milkshake after but it was so filling we could hardly stand up after finishing this sandwich off.

Now that we know how good Bark City BBQ can be we not only plan on coming back but need to bring our friends and family to share in the goodness. Maybe splurge and get the Double Nap Pit Master ($48) combo that feeds four and settle into a comfortable food coma.

We give Bark City BBQ Eleven BBQ Smoked Meats out of Ten

πŸ–πŸ— πŸ–πŸ—πŸ–πŸ—πŸ–πŸ—πŸ–πŸ—πŸ–


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