Ohnigiri Oh My Goodness!



This weekend in downtown Portland we were ecstatic to find that one of our local favorite spots Tokyo Sando decided to host a specialty Pop Up.

So for one morning only their cart was transformed into Oh!nigiri! A Japanese rice ball vendor who normally sets up shop at the Beaverton Farmers Market.

Unfortunately that normally puts them just outside of our stomping grounds. So when we heard that for a few hours they would be available in our neighborhood we knew we had to come get our snack on.

And they certainly made it easy to do so with a good variety of Rice snacks to choose from. Honestly it was difficult to pick out just one. So of course we ended up grabbing a variety.

First off we had to try the Japanese classic. Ume or Japanese Plum filling! A mild but refreshing choice, lightly fruity and just a bit savory it was a fun and unique flavor. Good as a side dish but not overwhelming. A safe and nice choice.

But for something more impactful we would recommend the Spicy Salmon Onigiri. With a good amount of flavor without being too fishy and seasoned with a hint of spice and furikake which is well balanced out by the sushi rice.

Finally we went with the Yakiniki Beef. This is a go to choice for someone wanting more of a main dish rather than a side. Less flavor than the spicy salmon but with much more filling, the beef practically spilling out of the sides! This is definitely the one to choose when you are starving and need to keep on going!

End of the day we had a lot of fun trying all of the different onigiri on offer and recommend that anyone who spots this little pop up gives it a go. It was not a revolutionary new take on food, life or anything that crazy, but it was a comforting slice of joy and made us feel like school kids from an old school anime.

We give Oh!Nigiri Seven Rice Balls out of Ten πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™


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