A Fish Named Taco, A Taco Named Delicious

A Fish Named Taco

3415 SE 192nd Ave Suite 100, Vancouver, WA 98683


This week while searching for new foodie finds we decided to try one of the newer restaurants in Vancouver, A Fish Named Taco is a recent addition in SE Vancouver near the edge of Camas. Perfect for tho wanting a fun taco spot but not wanting to dealing with Portland traffic and Parking.

First thing we noticed when walking in was the fun and vibrant colors with a sleek modern design. Keeping this a place casual and comfy but while maintaining trendy upscale attitude.

The second thing we noticed was they were making fresh Margaritas at their full bar so we ordered two of them right away!

Now these Margaritas ($12) were straight up fabulous! First we tasted a Watermelon Margarita made with fresh muddled melon for a nicely sweet drink made more so by a Sugared rim. From there we moved on to a more mild Mango Margarita with a Spicy Tajín Rim. These were a bit pricy for the location but honestly worth it, deliciously flavored and strong without being overpowered. Highly recommend.

Now of course you shouldn’t be drinking on an empty stomach so with that in mind we had to choose between the various Seafood Tacos on offer. Do we go with La Baja Fish Taco featuring Beer Battered Halibut served with a Cabbage Slaw, Queso Fresco and Salsa Verde? Or the similar Cali Shrimp Taco with its Beer Battered Shrimp flavored with a Pico De Gallo? Maybe we want to go crazy and get The Cameron with the fixings but instead of battered now it’s Grilled Shrimps, finished with a house Guacamole and a Chipotle Aioli????

The answer is you should get all 3!!!! With The Trío Baja ($14) you get three of the seafood tacos (in slightly smaller sizes than the normal menu) so you can indulge yourself with one of each to sample, or maybe just get three of your favorite. Honestly this is a great deal since the regular tacos are $7 each. Highly recommend for first timers at this spot.

Next we went on to try the Quesabrosobirria ($14) this dish is comprised of a rich Birria Beef which has been slow roasted in a consommé of Chile and tomato flavor until is super tender. Then served in a taco with Melted Oaxaca Cheese and served two to an order with a side of the Birria Dipping Sauce. This was definitely a fun dish and tasty, but one we probably won’t get again. The higher price for only two smallish items, not to mention the onion and cilantro being a bit of an afterthought it make this a tasty snack, but ultimately a bit one note flavor wise and leaving us hungry. Would recommend more as a side dish than a main.

Still it was a delightful treat to find this new Taqueria in town. Small but comforting with a friendly vibe and fun food. This is going to be a new usual spot for us to unwind with a few margaritas and relax.

We Give A Fish Named Taco Eight Taco Fishes out of Ten

🌮🐠 🌮🐠🌮🐠🌮🐠


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